Parti sapphires

Parti (partition) sapphire or otherwise known as bi coloured sapphire, is a unique gemstone to Australia and consists of two colours within the one gemstone – yellow and blue.

Sapphires showcasing these individual colours (of yellow and blue) are the most highly prized while other parti sapphires can display green colours.

Unique to Australia these stones are graded just like other gemstones

Unique to Australia, these stones are graded just like all other gemstones. Carat (size), cut and clarity are important but the patterns of colour set it apart from others.

A Parti sapphire is still made of the same constituents as regular sapphire (corundum – Al203) but it is trace elements present in the growing process which gives the difference in colour. The yellow from iron the blue colour from a mix of titanium and iron.

Although most of the sapphire mining in Australia has been exhausted, gemstones are still available and on the market.

The only sapphire that can’t be synthesized

Sapphires have been synthetically made using machinery with specific temperature and minerals for years, but due to the patchy colour pattern of Parti sapphires, they cannot be synthesized in a lab. This not only makes them unique, as each one has its own distinct pattern, but a guarantee each stone will be natural.

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