Create your own jewellery design

When a client wants something creative and individual made from her diamonds, for her the only option is to get our Master Jeweller Greg John to design and hand craft the piece from scratch.

This piece is currently under construction. Stay tuned for images of the finished piece.

How do I design and have a piece of jewellery made?

At Abrecht Bird we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship, creativity and attention to detail.

The options are endless for choosing a design that’s right for you.

If you have your own gemstones or want to choose from the very best the industry has to offer, make an appointment today to discuss designs, create your dream piece with our jewellers and have your item custom made by hand in our onsite workshop.

How are Abrecht Bird different to other jewellery stores and jewellers?

We pride ourselves on using traditional jewellery techniques, rarely seen within the jewellery industry and jewellery stores. We believe these techniques not only allow for endless possibilities for design but also surpasses mass produced jewellery in durability – creating items that can be passed down for generations.

Call us today 03 9650 3830 to make an appointment or email us for further information